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If you’re a woman who’s ever been pregnant, you know pregnancy cravings are real.

If you’re a man who’s ever been tasked with shopping for the love of your life’s cravings, you know it’s not an easy feat.

Enters Hilary Duff and boyfriend, Matthew Koma.

Recently, Duff shared a video on Instagram stories with her boyfriend.

In the video, Duff revealed that she was craving “Good & Plenty,” and of course, Koma went to the store to purchase the candy for Duff.

But, there was just one problem.

Upon visiting store after store, he couldn’t find the candy Duff so desperately craved.

Finally, while visiting the sixth store, he found it and brought it home.

Upon learning it was such an ordeal for Koma to locate the candy, Duff apologized to him during the video.

These two are definitely relationship goals!

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