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We were all super-obsessed with G-Eazy and Halsey as a couple, but now it looks like there could be some foul play to end the relationship. 

Though someone told US Weekly that long distance was the issue, Halsey tweeted out “pumpkin eater,” which is the end to the rhyme “Cheater Cheater, Pumpkin Eater.”

It wouldn’t surprise me honestly, even though Gerald’s music persona is kind of a playboy, (i.e. “I got a Costco pack of rubbers in my nightstand.”) but then we saw footage from her tour stop in Lansing, MI, in which she started to cry during the song “Sorry,” when she said “Someone will love you, but someone isn’t me.”


There was a rumor that G-Eazy was caught out with Demi Lovato shortly after, but that has seemed to have been debunked. He has so far dodged any questions about his ex-girlfriend, but hopefully, the two actually split on good terms, and not some crappy ones.

Though Halsey has kept her emotions in check publicly, a few of these tweets snuck through the cracks: