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By now, you’ve all heard Drake dropped his music video featuring the cast from Degrassi for “I’m Upset.”

While the new music video has received positive reviews, it appears a few cast members are upset!

Daniel Clark, Ryan Cooley, and Mike Lobel were all noticeably missing from the music video.

So, where were they?

According to Page Six, Clark’s invitation must have gotten lost in the mail because he never heard a thing about it.


Strange. Naturally, he’s not happy with Drake right now.

Then there’s Cooley, who played J.T. Yorke. Many fans took to Twitter to say they were upset that J.T. wasn’t there. As you know, J.T. was killed on the show. One Twitter user pointed out the obvious, that Jimmy Brooks is no longer in a wheelchair but apparently J.T. is still dead.

Alrighty then.

Like Clark, Mike Lobel had something to say about not being invited to the Degrassi reunion of sorts. In a simple tweet, he said he was a little upset.

Then, just moments ago, Lobel said he loves his old crew and he is not really upset. Hmmm. We have a hunch he really is upset but trying to play it cool now.

Were you disappointed you didn’t see Clark, Lobel, or Cooley in the music video?

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