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Last week, we reported rumors surfaced recently that suggested Kylie Jenner’s former bodyguard was actually the father of Stormi.

Fans based this rumor by comparing a photo of the bodyguard, Stormi, and Travis Scott.

Then, they pointed out that Stormi appeared to have similar features to Tim Chung, and didn’t really seem to resemble Scott.

A few days later, Kylie spoke out and called the rumors complete bs.

Now, to top it off, Chung has spoken out about the rumors and has also adamantly denied he’s the father of Stormi.

According to TMZ, Chung said that while he is normally a very private person, he found it necessary to respond to the rumors out of respect for the Kardashian/Jenner family.

Chung insists his interactions with the family have been nothing but professional.

So there you have it. This rumor has now expired.

What will the internet come up with next?

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