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It appears certain members of Meghan Markle’s family are still not ready to accept she will soon be a royal.

It’s no secret that some of Markle’s family have been very vocal about how they feel about the upcoming wedding, but her brother has taken it one step further by asking Prince Harry to call off the wedding.

What, why?

In a handwritten letter to Prince Harry, Thomas Markle Jr., told Prince Harry that Meghan is not the right woman for him.

According to Country Living, the letter gets worse.

Her brother also said she was a shallow person and if the marriage goes on as planned, Meghan will make a joke of the royals.


Those are harsh words coming from her brother.

You have to wonder, what did Meghan do that has caused her brother to hold so much resentment?

Perhaps Thomas is still upset he didn’t get invited to the royal wedding.

In all fairness, one has to believe Meghan has her reasons for not inviting him.

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