We don’t mean to be haters… We just think that some flavors should not be messed with.

Personally, I like normal Oreo Cookies. I like the mint ones too (And even more so, Trader Joe‘s Peppermint Joe Joe’s). But when it came to Red Velvet Oreos, I started to wonder when we’d cross the line.

Well, the newest 3 flavors for Oreo happen to be from the #MyOreoCreation contest, and it’s winners are “Cherry Cola,” “Piña Colada,” and “Kettle Corn.”

Now, I am an adventurous person. I’ve eaten squid, okay. I try things, so I’m not someone that’s got a “Wonderbread” form of taste, but Kettle Corn? “Piña Colada?” Why?!

Paste Magazine tried the flavors and shared that the Kettle Corn Oreos might as well have been a Golden Oreo, because it’s not much different, and they really hated on the Cherry Cola ones, which I honestly thought would be the most palatable out of the three.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but let’s see what you guys think…