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It’s been years since Ronnie and Sammi ended their relationship, but it appears Ronnie is still not over her.

During a recent taping of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” Ronnie confessed to Snooki that he can’t trust his baby mama and still misses Sammi.

According to Toofab, Ronni said he missed feeling secure in a relationship, like the security he had with Sammi.

He also admitted that if he didn’t get his girlfriend pregnant, he didn’t know if the two would be together.

That doesn’t sound like a good relationship.

At the time of the discussion, Ronnie and Snooki were having a heart to heart.

Snooki basically told Ronnie he needed to get over Sammi and marry his baby mama, but considering the show filmed Ronnie bringing a girl home and hanging out (probably making out) with her in the bathroom, it doesn’t sound like he is overly trustworthy either.

As for Sammi, she has moved on, so it’s doubtful her and Ronnie will rekindle their romance.

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