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Kim Kardashian took to Instagram lately to show off her killer bod.

More specifically, she gave a shout out to her trainer for helping her live her best life and helping her to work towards toning her body.

Kardashian said she felt motivated to change her appearance after she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror.

But, it wasn’t Kim’s body-positive post that captured the attention of fans, rather it was her toe that stood out the most.

More specifically, her pinky toe.

Fans were quick to take to the comment section to point out the toenail looked yellow.

Another fan also took to Twitter to share an up close and personal photo of the toe in question.

Not to worry, Kim’s real fans had her back, telling the trolls to stop being negative.

While we love Kim too, we have to admit, her toe does look rather bizarre in the photo.

Perhaps it was just the angle.

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