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Kehlani plants a kiss on Demi Lovato – sparking rumors that the ladies might be finding love on tour. 

The footage from the show is quite vivid, but we don’t know if they were just doing it for a little spotlight or if they are truly finding love on tour.


Demi tweeted out an NSFW tweet, sharing that she was “truly grateful to have had this extremely special, talented and cool as **** woman on your with me.. What an incredible fun sexy crazy night that I’ll never forget.”

Nylon shares that Kehlani reportedly dedicated her song “Honey” to Lovato, while Lovato changed the lyrics in “Cool For The Summer” to “got a taste for Kehlani, I just need to take a bite.”

Kehlani shared similar feelings on Instagram, saying Demi’s dancers put her up to it, but we’re not sure that’s the case after watching that footage.



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