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NEW YORK, NY - MAY 5: In this photo illustration. a view of fidget spinners, May 5, 2017 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Fidget spinners have become the latest toy sensation and some schools have banned them because they've become a distraction. (Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Humans sure do love things they can “fidget” with.  The success and popularity of the fidget spinner will always have a place in pop culture history.  For many, the fidget spinner was a way to calm nerves and think clearly.  It was a simple device that could relieve mental stress with just a little swipe.  I’ve also always heard that for some people, pimple popping is a way to achieve optimal satisfaction.  If that’s you, than this video is for you.  If it’s not, well, you just might puke.  I almost did.  ENJOY!