(Photo by Pall Stefansson/Getty Images)

While skimming devices on ATM Machines have been a concern for quite some time, people who use ATM Machines now have something else to worry about.

A new report published in the Washington Post says hackers in the United States are now able to launch jackpotting attacks.

Just as it sounds, a jackpot attack results in the ATM Machine spitting out mounds of cash onto the ground.

It’s been suggested that there has been a jackpotting attack within the last few days in the United States, as just recently the Secret Service issued a warning to banks across the country.

Once you have swiped or inserted your bank card into the ATM Machine, the data is available on the hard drive. If the machine is infected, the hacker can use the command, “Jackpot!!” to withdraw funds from your account.

If you’d like to avoid this type of scam, the best approach is to go inside your financial institution to withdraw money.

If you notice any suspicious transaction on your bank statement, contact your bank immediately.

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