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Out here drippin' in #1's

Bruno Mars and Cardi B have released a new single, “Finesse,” and this is the single that will officially make Cardi B a household name, just like what “Hey Mama” did for Nicki Minaj.  As for Bruno Mars, it seems that everything he touches turns to gold.  He released his last album just fourteen months ago.


Usually when an artist has so much success with singles as successful as “That’s What I Like” and “24K Magic”, they take a couple of years.  Bruno doesn’t necessarily even need another hit right now but he gave us one anyway, featuring Cardi B.  I can’t wait to see what other surprises are coming in 2018.  Looking at you too Justin Timberlake…

Oh! Did I mention the 90's throwback styled video is currently the #1 trending video on Youtube? Yeah, it's like that.