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iPhone Users Are Furious Right Now

For the second time in a month, iPhone users have been bitten by another bug on iOS 11.

You may recall, earlier this month many users had issues when texting as the letter i became the letter A each time a user tried to use an i.

Now, several weeks later, some users are seeing it turn into I.T.

Ugh! Here we go again ...

It's not immediately clear how many iPhone users are experiencing the bug, but the Twitterverse is not happy about I.T!

abby on Twitter

Is anyone else's iPhone changing "it" to "I.T"?? I'm gonna scream. I.T isn't funny!!!!

abby seitchik on Twitter


Luckily, a temporary band-aid should alleviate the problem:

Jim McCarthy on Twitter

@Lbwell4 @Apple Here's what worked for me (from Apple): reset Keyboard Dictionary. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary. reboot the device then test to see if the issue persist.

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