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Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa sat down for an interview on the Today Show today to discuss their experience during Gomez’s recent kidney transplant.

The interview marks the first time the two spoke in-depth about the surgery.

By now, you know Gomez received one of Raisa’s kidneys after suffering kidney failure, but very little is known about what led up to the transplant.

According to WISN12, Raisa recalls coming home one evening to find Gomez so weak she couldn’t open a water bottle. Gomez became upset and started to cry. When Raisa asked what was wrong, Gomez told her that her kidneys were failing due to Lupus. She went on to say she didn’t know what she was going to do because the wait-list to receive a new kidney was between seven to ten years.

In that moment, Raisa volunteered herself to get tested to see if she was a match. While some of Gomez’s family members also opted to get tested, Raisa was the only match.

When asked about the time before she knew Raisa was a match, Gomez recalls trying to continue on even though the future was uncertain. She knew her body was getting weaker, but she didn’t want to ask anyone to donate their kidney to her.

Shortly after learning Raisa was a match, the two were prepped for surgery. This included physical and psychological exams, in addition to blood and urine tests. Because Gomez was in dire need of a new kidney, the prep time was accelerated.

The surgery was a success but shortly after the transplant, Gomez was rushed back to the operating room after her kidney turned around. After the second surgery, she and Raisa were placed in the same recovery room to heal together.

When asked about the recovery process, the two agreed it was a humbling time in their lives, as neither could take a shower without assistance, etc.

Looking back, Gomez realizes now that her situation was truly life or death. She is forever grateful that Raisa donated her kidney to her.

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