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The world fell in love with Kelly Clarkson during the first season of American Idol, and now Clarkson has a message for the world.

In an interview with Attitude, Clarkson opened up about a dark time in her life.

It’s no secret that the singer has battled with body image in the past — including a bout with an eating disorder.

Now, years later, the American Idol winner sheds some light on the pressures of having to conform to what people think a pop star should look like. Society has this idea of what a model should look like, a pop star, and a woman in general. But, feeling pressure to look a certain way, doesn’t usually promote happiness within.

Clarkson recalls being miserable before releasing her 2004 album, Breakaway. For four years Clarkson ran until she couldn’t run anymore and became a gym rat.

Looking back, Clarkson admits she was miserable when she was skinny.

After the article was released, there was some confusion regarding some of the quotes published by the publication, but Clarkson took to Twitter earlier to clear up any confusion.

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