By Andrzej Wilusz/

The Centers for Disease Control is urging people across the country to get vaccinated before the flu strikes this season.

While it’s too early to tell if American’s will be hit hard by the flu, a strain of the flu that causes severe sickness has become widespread in Australia.

According to WIS10, Americans are being encouraged to get their flu shots now because there is a chance the strain of the flu in Australia could make its way to the states.

The news comes after only 47 percent of the population opted to get a flu shot last year.

According to the CDC …

  • Everyone 6 months or older should be vaccinated against the influenza virus, including pregnant women and the elderly.
  • Nearly 24 thousand people die each year across the country from complications of the flu.
  • Getting vaccinated reduces the likelihood of becoming seriously ill if you do contract the influenza virus.
  • Once you have received your flu shot, it takes a couple weeks before the shot can fully protect you against the flu — so get your flu vaccine as soon as possible.
  • Most insurance companies cover the cost of the flu vaccine without a deductible, so make an appointment to get your flu shot immediately.

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