LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03: The Instagram app logo is displayed next to an "Instagrammed" image on another iPhone on August 3, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

A plethora of important people have the ever-illusive blue checkmark on social media, and plenty of social media users dream of one day becoming verified as well.

Easier said than done, at least on some social platforms.

On Facebook and Twitter for example, filling out a simple form and submitting it could earn you a blue checkmark, but it’s unknown what percentage of “average” people actually become verified after submission.

And then there’s Instagram.

Instagram states that users cannot request to become verified, rather the blue check mark is awarded based on who Instagram thinks should be verified. Or so they say …

However, there’s actually a way that you can get verified on Instagram, supposedly.

According to Mashable, it’s all about who you know.

Apparently, you can actually pay to become verified — but it will cost you a pretty penny.

How much are you willing to spend to have that little blue checkmark next to your name?

There seems to be a company who has direct ties to people who work for Instagram. Said company could charge you between $1,500 to $7,000 to become verified — so start saving now.

Mashable interviewed James, the guy behind the startup company that submits verification requests to an insider at Instagram. And, he’s seen results. So far, three of his clients have been awarded the blue checkmark.

It’s important to remember, there’s no guarantee you will become verified even after paying James or another company who promises they can get you verified, so keep that in mind before you start searching around in the black market.

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