Similar to her clever hints displayed on each track of her Red album, Taylor has given her super fans something new to obsess over. The premiere of her music video “Look What You Just Made Me Do” aired at the VMA’s and people can’t stop talking about it.


Everything Swift has done in the past years has earned backlash from the media and this video would make it seem that she has finally had enough. From her feuds with Celebs to her tweeting about politics – nothing is safe from scrutiny for Swift. So what better response for the pop star than to create a video worth talking about?


After a long, long hiatus from the singer we finally got a taste of what she’s been working on, and we just can’t get enough. So we decided to make a list of theories of the subtle shade thrown by Taylor throughout the video:


  1. The Tombstone

(YouTube video still)

Nils Sjoberg is the name you see on the tombstone next to Swift in the opening graveyard scene. Nils Sjoberg is also the fake name Swift used when she co-wrote the hit “This Is What You Came For” performed by ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Coincidence? I think not.


  1. The Snake

(YouTube video still)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you should know about the feud between Swift and Kim and Kayne. The Internet branded Swift as a “snake” after Kim released a recording of a conversation between Kayne and Swift about the song “Famous” (Hence, the snake).



  1. The Car Crash

(YouTube video still)

Swift is seen dressed in Leopard print and sporting a Katy Perry-esque hairstyle holding a Grammy. Possibly throwing shade to Perry about Swift winning  7 Grammys to Perry’s 0? And as for the car wreck – we can’t decide if this is a reference to Katy Perry’s recent life choices or a flashback to her accident with Harry Styles as the paparazzi documented the event… we’ll let you decide this one.


  1. “I Heart T.S.” Tank

(YouTube video still)

Swifts short-term relationship with Tom Hiddleston feels like it happened forever ago, but it seems Swift still thinks about it. Although, I don’t think she is reminiscing on their relationship so much as how the media mocked Hiddleston for sporting the “I Heart T.S.” shirt. And are we picking up on a Queen Bey formation?


  1. The Conversation between Taylors

(YouTube video still)

The “Red” Taylor, The “Fearless” Taylor, The “You Belong With Me” Taylor, The “VMA” Taylor and many more have a conversation towards the end of the video hinting at several headline stories the media has come out with about Swift including: Taylors “surprise face”, Kayne calling her a “b—-” in his song “Famous”, Kayne interrupting her at the VMAs, Taylor “nice” act and so on and so on. Needless to say the whole thing is genius and will have fans and haters talking until her next move!!