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Lady Gaga Is Getting Her Own Netflix Documentary

Lady Gaga lets everyone in on her world, and it's gonna get emotional. 

You hear audio of Gaga crying about how she ends up alone at the end of the day after being overstimulated, and then you also see images from her at her doctor's office.

This is all part of a new documentary that will be played at the Toronto Film Festival, and will also be released on Netflix the same day, on September 22, according to Pitchfork.

Watch the teasers below, tweeted from Gaga herself, for Gaga: Five Foot Two.

xoxo, Gaga on Twitter

GagaFiveFootTwo https://t.co/hfQwg347tV


xoxo, Gaga on Twitter

GagaFiveFootTwo https://t.co/maYffskgBj


xoxo, Gaga on Twitter

GagaFiveFootTwo https://t.co/DbC2rEViDX


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