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Justin Bieber and his grandpa: Bieber’s grandpa claims that he is disabled and his wife works a job that barely allows them to make ends meet, and yet the global superstar hasn’t visited them in years and has given them next to nothing, despite his wealth.

Teaser artwork appeared for Justin Bieber‘s apparent new song with Bloodpop called “Friends” on Justin’s Twitter this week, and we’re a little puzzled. 

After already stirring up some controversy because he canceled his tour abruptly, this new track is on its way for Thursday at noon.

If you need a general indicator of what it’s going to sound like, Complex notes that Bloodpop has production credits on  “Mark My Words,” “I”ll Show You,” and “Sorry.”


Well, I guess if he’s not making those tour bucks for the rest of the dates he canceled, he better find a way to make up the money he owes.


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