LAKE MYVATN, ICELAND - JUNE 01: Visitors check out the waterfall known as Gooafoss on June 1, 2017 near Lake Myvatn, Iceland. Iceland's tourism industry continues to thrive; just eight years ago Iceland welcomed approximately 464,000 tourists and by last year nearly 1.7 million people visited the nation. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As the summer months roll on, we are sure you are looking to getaway. Maybe you will try to go to the shore, but for those people who are looking to escape the heat we have a solution for you.  Located in Iceland, is a fantastical Instagrammable hotel that is sure to cool you down.

The 5 Million Star Hotel will let you sleep outside but in the protection of a giant bubble. Think of Bubble Boy, but without Jake Gyllenhaal! The website states that their guests can “enjoy the aurora & stars in the winter and the midnight sun & nature in summer.”

There are currently five different bubbles that are available to book.  Each bubble bed includes a double bed that can fit two adults. If you have kids, the hotel only permits kids 12 and older to stay at their site.

Wondering what the toilet situation could be like in these transparent bubbles? Do not worry, we thought the same thing too. According to the hotel description, there “is a shared service house with two toilets and showers and a self-service kitchen.” Since Iceland can get frigid in the winter, all bubbles come with a heating system.

According to Thrillist, the owner of this hotel Robert Robertson created this vision in order to give people a way to watch the northern lights.

This accommodation is definitely for adventurous people. The hotel does not release the address of their bubbles unless you book with them. However, what they can reveal is the bubbles are about an hour and a half away from the country’s capital Reykjavik.

Besides the bubbles, tourists also have the opportunity to take a Golden Circle tour with the hotel. This package includes a ride to your bubble in a luxury Jeep. If you are thinking of renting from the company, prices range from $248 to $291 USD per night.

Quite an inventive way to spend your summer vacation!

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