(Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images for 7-Eleven)

As you know, 7/11 is today, and of course, that means Free Slurpees from 11 AM to 7 PM from 7-Eleven

But according to Refinery29, there’s much more about this year’s 7/11 day than usual.

During Slurpee Week, which kicks off the day after, the 12 through the 18, you can score some sweet freebie swag.

According to 7-Eleven’s Facebook Event, you “get a 7-SELECT FREEBIE every time you buy a Coffee, Chillers® Iced Coffee, Slurpee, or Big Gulp® and scan your 7-Eleven app… Buy any cup, scan the 7-Eleven app and get a FREE 7-Select food or drink under $2.”

If you haven’t downloaded the rewards app for 7-Eleven, and need Freebies in your life, you should probably download it right now here: http://bit.ly/711app


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