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Cotton the cat was found in a pretty horrible situation.

He was, according to the Huffington Post, found with “parasitic skin disease that causes itching, hair loss and scabbing – and his eyes were crusted over so much that he couldn’t open them at all.”

Previous to being brought into the Animal Friends Project, a nonprofit animal shelter in Florida, Cotton was walking around blind. One man found the cat walking around his house and brought him into the shelter. Once he arrived at the Animal Friends Project, he was very dehydrated, but seemed appreciative of the loving care.

Carmen Telling about Animal Friends Project

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Carmen Weinberg, the woman who runs the nonprofit, told the Huffington Post in an email that “he purred the whole time they were examining him.” Once they cleared Cotton’s eyes, the volunteers made a beautiful discovery. The cat had one blue eye and one green.

Currently, the cat has made a full recovery and has been receiving a lot of attention. His beautiful white coat and stunning eyes have made him appealing to every animal lover.

The organization did find out that Cotton had a previous owner. Due to a microchip, they were able to track the person down. Once they confronted the individual, they stated that the cat had disappeared a long time ago and they did not want the animal back in their home.

Cotton, the sweet and affectionate cat is currently looking for his forever home. The animal shelter recommends the cat for a home without children. He enjoys nibbling and young kids would not be appropriate to receive the bites. However, for those adults looking for a new furry baby, he is a very loving creature. They recommend him to also be a part of a quiet home that does not have any other animals.

If you believe Cotton is the right cat for you, check out the Animal Friends Project’s website by clicking here.


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