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Stand aside Oprah and your Teavana, we’ve got Gaga and her own beverages to try! 

Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Foundation has set up a sweet, sweet deal with Starbucks, and it includes 4 fruity beverages that will be called Cups Of Kindness.

Starbucks Newsroom

In the press release from Starbucks’ Newsroom, Mother Monster says the following:

“We’re healthier and happier when we live our lives with compassion and our communities are stronger when we treat one another with generosity and respect. Born This Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups of Kindness collection.”

While $0.25 seems like chump change for the donations, Starbucks has committed to a minimum of $250,000 to the foundation. We’re sure they’re going to be donating a lot more than that since Lady Gaga is involved.

The four drinks are non-dairy, and the crew comes with grande’s that are all 150 calories and under.


Check out the drinks below, and what’s in them in the gallery:


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