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Taylor Swift: Though T. Swift has been stirring up rumors about her relationship with Drake due to a few cryptic Instagram posts, we would love to see her write her next album all about a royal romance. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

As you may have heard, Taylor Swift is on the dating scene again, this time with British actor Joe Alwyn.

The paparazzi snagged a pic of them having a little coffee date on a balcony, and according to E!, the pair are now “exclusive.”

With someone who’s experienced a lot of dating/dating resets, Taylor knows a thing or two about getting over, getting “back on the horse,” and falling in love again. And sometimes that can need a little bit of motivation, especially when you’re heading toward your first date.

Here are 5 songs that we think are total staples, and could be the best soundtrack as your putting on your lipstick and deciding what heels to wear while heading to your first date, who could be your next forever.


“Blank Space”

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Watch Taylor's new video for "Blank Space". No animals, trees, automobiles or actors were harmed in the making of this video. Taylor's new release 1989 is Available Now on iTunes

This one is especially good for “serial daters” what are in a state of being around people in the same circle of friends.


“Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Check out Taylor's new video "Wildest Dreams". "Wildest Dreams" is Available Now on her multi-platinum release 1989 on iTunes or Google Play:

We’ve all had the bad boy – and we know exactly why we’re drawn to them. This song embodies that to a T.

“Begin Again”

This one is significantly real in the sense that the lyrics talk about all the things you were afraid to do with your ex, but now you’re starting over.



Everyone deserves that fairytale love, and Taylor was so doggone good at writing about that.


“Everything Has Changed” Featuring Ed Sheeran

When you’re finally falling in love, and you feel how life is shifting because you met this person, that is what this song holds true.


Now that Taylor is working on new music, we’re sure she’ll add to this list in no time!


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