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8 Signs That You May Need a Vacation

It's a normal day at work, you've been working fairly diligently until you find your mind beginning to drift away. Soon you're on a beach; you can hear the waves, feel the breeze, smell the water, it's pure bliss... then *BOOM* A co-worker has interrupted your day dream and now you're back to reality. Sounds familiar?

We've all been there.

When you've been working for such an amount of time, day after day, doing the same 'ol routine; it all tends to get pretty tiring and boring, which only means it's time for a vacation. For you to relax, unwind and take a break from your current situation. We all need vacations! As an adult, whether traveling far distances or short can be a key factor to what we look forward to in life because let's be brutally honest here, what else is there really to get excited about as an adult? Grocery shopping? Taxes? Exactly.

Which brings us to eight signs, you my friend, may be in need of a vacation.


Finding yourself ready for the day to be over with, before it starts.

Waking up, knowing how your day is already going to go and just waiting to get right back into bed as soon as your feet hit the floor when you roll out of bed that morning.


Keep imagining and wishing to be in other places than where you are now.

Just as in the opening scenario; maybe even more dramatic if it's been awhile since your last trip.


Your drive to produce any work is getting lower and lower as the days go by.

Yeah, at this point you're basically over anything that doesn't have to do with paradise.


Some tropical place is your phone and computers' screensaver.

That wallpaper becomes part of your motivation to plan a getaway.


Randomly searching for cheap flights to just about ANYWHERE.

Very, very understandable.


Reminiscing on old vacation photos.

When you know your #TBT photos are about to be poppin' yet they make you sad since you're not actually there.


When traveling commercials appear, you think once or twice about calling the number to book a trip.

So close, yet so far away!


You've said out loud, "I NEED A VACATION"

When you've reached this sign, go ahead and call the travel agent.

If you've found yourself having done any of these eight signs, book yourself a vacation; you deserve it!


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