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A "COOL" Way To Dye Your Eggs - PUN INTENDED!

Are you bored of the ol' "drop 'em in the water and let them soak" situation?

Well, we've got a pretty great way to dye eggs, and it uses the same technique that you'd use with shaving cream (if you've ever done those before).

Instead of using harsh dyes and chemicals, you can grab a tub of Cool Whip and some food coloring, spread it all apart on a plate, and roll your eggs in it! The instructions say you can soak your eggs in vinegar to get a brighter color on the shell. Coat the eggs in the mixture, and then let them soak in the fridge for 30 minutes in the whip.

COOL WHIP EASTER pretty and taste safe

COOL WHIP EASTER pretty and taste safe for the little ones! Directions--> .


Check out the step by step instructions over at


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