Nooo! This Woman's Husband Accidentally Donated Her Wedding Dress

Most brides plan to save their wedding dress even after the event is over, keeping it as a family heirloom and a reminder of their special day.

This was what Natalie Gelbert of Durham, N.C., had hoped to do. In fact, she had placed her wedding dress in her car so she could take it to be cleaned and preserved. Unfortunately, she had also placed bags of clothes to be donated to Goodwill in that same car, and her well-meaning husband confused the piles and ending up dropping the priceless wedding dress off to be sold second-hand.

Once Gelbert realized the mistake, it was too late. The dress had been purchased for $25.

The distraught bride has since shared a sentimental post on Facebook pleading for her dress's return, and even offering to buy it back from its new owner. The post has received thousands of shares, but no one has come forward with Gelbert's wedding dress yet.

If you want to check out her posting, click here.


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