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Teen Survives NC Tornado While Playing Fortnite

A young guy in Greensboro, NC talked to the local news after a tornado ripped through his neighborhood on Sunday.  And even though he saw his neighbors' roofs being ripped off and vehicles being flipped over, he still tried to finish his game of "Fortnite".  He and his family are safe and his full interview is…

The Hopscotch Experiment

The YouTube channel Dirty Data drew hopscotch on a city sidewalk and then recorded people for 10 hours walking by to see how many people would hop.  In those 10 hours a little over 1,000 people came by.  You might be surprised at how many people hopped.  Would you hop or pass?   No related…

Facebook Privacy Hearing

Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by a Senate committee yesterday about Facebook privacy issues.  Last month,  the personal data of over 87 million users was released by a third party app.  Here are 10 minutes' worth of highlights from yesterday.  Click here to find out if your personal facebook data was shared... No related posts.

Everything Disappears...

This will give your eyes a break from those TPS reports and Excel spreadsheets.  If you stare at this picture long enough it just disappears.  Unfortunately it's not a picture of the Kardashians... No related posts.