9 months ago – Viral Video: Disney Pixar’s Toy Story (Cute Kitten Version)

This video of cute kittens reenacting the kids movie Toy Story has gone viral. And Woody & Buzz are even cuter as KITTENS! Check out one of the cutest video

9 months ago – Kellie’s Blog: Mommy MatchMaker!

I took advantage of a beautiful day and my daughter being out of school and made good on the promise I’d made her the day before that if she’d just leave me alo

9 months ago – Showbiz Top 5: Police want to question Selena Gomez about egging incident [AUDIO]

Jimmy Fallon moves the “Tonight Show” back to New York City… Kelly Clarkson is having a baby girl… Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner go on concert date… Kan

9 months ago – J-Si’s Blog: No phone for you!

Kinsey and I noticed something over the weekend… and it finally clicked yesterday. This was actually something that I saw had become the “it” thing for 2014,

9 months ago – Big Al fires someone [AUDIO]

Big Al opens up Wow What a Weekend with his story about firing someone in Mexico. How did it go and what did our listeners do this weekend? Listen below to find

9 months ago – Best of the Day: “Because Of You!” [VIDEO]

We asked listeners to call in to tell us how we have changed their lives! Has each cast member made an impact on listeners? Listen below to our new bit “Because

9 months ago – J-Si’s Blog: Our weekend getaway!

Kinsey and I had a mommy/daddy weekend out in California. Well, kind of. We went out to celebrate our old roommate’s wedding. I like wedding weekends, because e

9 months ago – Kellie’s Blog: As long as I lose a pound or two, it’s all good.

I started my last blog with these three words, and I’ll start this one the same — My poor daughter. Emma Kelly woke up at 1am on Friday complaining of a tum

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