8 months ago – Viral Video: Kevin Bacon’s ’80s Awareness Campaign

This video of Kevin Bacon schooling the Millennials on the 1980s has gone viral. This ’80s Awareness Campaign is hysterical… especially if you were born befo….(CONTINUED)

8 months ago – Justin Bieber “DETRIMENTAL to (his) own career”… oops. Maybe he meant “instrumental?”

Justin Bieber was questioned about the incident where one of his body guards attacked Jeffrey Binion, a paparazzi. The interview lasted nearly 5 hours. So maybe….(CONTINUED)

8 months ago – Viral Video: Uncoordinated Children Eating Beans on Toast

This video of uncoordinated children eating BEANS ON TOAST has gone viral. They are really cute but need to work on their balance and control their excitement o….(CONTINUED)

8 months ago – The Teacher Test: Spring Break Edition [VIDEO]

On this episode of The Teacher Test, everyone is excited about Spring break next week! Miss Rasberry asks the class to go over their plans. Listen to hear what …(CONTINUED)

9 months ago – Best of the Day: EXCLUSIVE – Justin Bieber’s New Song About Getting Arrested! [VIDEO]

Once released from jail, Justin Bieber went into the studio to record a song about his wild night and we have it! J-Si and Kellie share it with us and you don’t want to miss it! Check it out below!

9 months ago – What do you do when your kids don’t like you? [AUDIO]

The cast talks about Wendy Williams emotional confession of her relationship with her son. We asked listeners to call in and share their heart. We got a lot of

9 months ago – Best of the Day: Emma Kelly at the Park [VIDEO]

Kellie promised to take Emma Kelly to the park and have a picnic. But she is starting to think boys are cute now! So how did Emma Kelly interact with some older

9 months ago – Viral Video: Disney Pixar’s Toy Story (Cute Kitten Version)

This video of cute kittens reenacting the kids movie Toy Story has gone viral. And Woody & Buzz are even cuter as KITTENS! Check out one of the cutest video

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