7 months ago – What do you Steal? [AUDIO]

The cast has confessed to stealing little things. No big deal, right?! We asked listeners to call in and tell us what they steal. Listen to a few of the funny t

7 months ago – Big Al Gets Relationship Advice [AUDIO]

Dr. Girlfriend started a conversation with Big Al about him being a better boyfriend… blah, blah, blah. So, the cast gives Big Al relationship advice. Do they

7 months ago – Do You Think You’d Be Happier Without Kids? [AUDIO]

J-Si shares with listeners a new study. The cast discusses whether childless couples are happier than couples with children. Does Kellie have an opinion on this

7 months ago – Best of the Day: Really Bad Slam Poetry [VIDEO]

After the casts discussion on What Guys Look For In Girls – A Slam Poem, J-Si and Al decided to come up with their own Slam Poems live on the radio! Their top

7 months ago – Showbiz Top 5: Justin Bieber could be deported [AUDIO]

Rita Ora has split from DJ Calvin Harris… Kris Jenner admits that “dating” Ben Flajnik was all a publicity stunt… Trace Adkins beat up an impersonator…

7 months ago – Big Al’s Blog: Why are you telling me this?

Do Guys really want life updates from ex-girlfriends? Probably not. So, Why do girls feel the need to give them to us? “Why?” Yesterday, I got a text from a

7 months ago – Viral Video: Devil Baby Attack

This video of an animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller has gone viral. Hidden cameras record people’s reactions on the streets of New York

7 months ago – What Guys Look For In Girls – A Slam Poem [AUDIO]

The cast shares with listeners this Slam Poem video. It was inspired by Nash Grier’s “What Guys Look For In Girls” video. They discuss whether there is a bette

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