8 months ago

J-Si’s Blog: And its over… just like that!

We were finally able to have Chloe’s first birthday party… almost a month late, but worth the wait…(CONTINUED)


8 months ago – Dating Tips from Big Al

Big Al Mack was kind enough to share some dating tips. Check them out…(CONTINUED)


8 months ago – Big Al Mack’s Punishment [AUDIO/PICS]

After the failed effort to defend his actions, Big Al Mack is punished for infesting Psycho Shanon’s car with …(CONTINUED)


8 months ago – Kellie’s Crown [VIDEO]

If you’ve never had a cracked tooth in the middle of the night… it’s the worst…(CONTINUED)


8 months ago – New Studio Rules [AUDIO]

J-Si upset the room yesterday when he wore a tank-top to work, so…(CONTINUED)


9 months ago – Kellie Can’t Sleep [AUDIO]

Kellie tried to get some rest in after a long day in LA, but some crazy kids next…(CONTINUED)


9 months ago – Lessons Mothers Should Teach Their Sons [AUDIO]

Kellie encountered an obnoxious man while at lunch yesterday, and she is putting some responsibility on mothers to raise…(CONTINUED)


9 months ago

86-year-old Grandma Writes Steamy Romance Novel

Georgia Corringe AKA ‘Georgie Marie’ joins us! She’s an 86-year-old grandma who…(CONTINUED)

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