4 months ago

What Destroyed the Wedding? [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack was in Sanoma for a wedding and his “casual” attire might has ruined the wedding. So we opened the phone lines to hear about your worst…(MORE)

4 months ago – Apps That Make You Cooler

The cast loves knowing what’s trendy. Here is a list of the The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s favorite Apps…(CONTINUED)

4 months ago

Taylor Swift’s Dating Checklist [AUDIO]

A source leaked a super picky list of demands Taylor Swift has for future boyfriends…(CONTINUED)

4 months ago – Things Kids Would Be Shocked to Know [AUDIO]

We asked mom’s to call in to reveal shocking things their kids don’t know about them. We hear about runaways, pole dancing and more! Listen to them all…(MORE)

5 months ago – The Big Break

Are you the next big star? Here’s how to enter? Just make a video (5 min or less) consisting of: A little about you. Get some ideas here. Approximately 2 minutes of you performi…(MORE)

5 months ago – Kellie & Big Al’s Epic Rap Battle [AUDIO]

J-Si issued the Epic Rap Battle Challenge. Big Al sings Rapper’s Delight and Kellie refuses to participate…(CONTINUED)

5 months ago – Kellie’s Party at Big Al’s Bar [VIDEO/PICS]

The cast shares what happened over the weekend at Kellie’s birthday party. Kellie dances on stage at Big Al’s bar! You don’t want to miss watching…(CONTINUED)

6 months ago – Kellie & Jenna’s Beauty Tips

Kellie and Jenna wanted to share with listeners a few beauty tips. Everyone suddenly started asking me what I…(MORE)

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