3 months ago – Jenna is Too Old [AUDIO]

Flo Rida and Jenna were making a good connection until he denied her request to be in one of his videos. OUCH! Why… Jenna is too old?! Listen to how it all we


3 months ago – 5 Seconds of Summer Joins Us! [AUDIO]

5 Seconds of Summer, or as we like to call them 5SOS, calls us! Emma Kelly even got to ask a couple of questions.


3 months ago – J-Si in Slow Motion! [VIDEO]

J-Si discovered how to record himself in slow motion on his iPhone and this is the hilarious result…(CONTINUED)


3 months ago – Craigslist Summer Jobs [AUDIO]

Jenna has some job opportunities that she found on Craigslist…(MORE)


4 months ago – Let It Go! [AUDIO]

Is someone in your life getting on your nerve? Well tell them to “let it go…(CONTINUED)


4 months ago – Banned for Life [AUDIO]

Big Al and J-Si share a story where they were banned from a mall. What did they do?…(CONTINUED)


4 months ago – The “Practice Date” [VIDEO/PICS]

Our intern, Alex, and Psycho Shanon went on a “Practice Date” to the conference room. Was it awkward?…(MORE)


4 months ago – Losing Your Life Savings [AUDIO]

Big Al has spent his life savings more than one time and he shares the stories…(CONTINUED)

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