3 months ago – The Big Break

Are you the next big star? Here’s how to enter? Just make a video (5 min or less) consisting of: A little about you. Get some ideas here. Approximately 2 minutes of you performi…(MORE)

3 months ago – Kellie & Big Al’s Epic Rap Battle [AUDIO]

J-Si issued the Epic Rap Battle Challenge. Big Al sings Rapper’s Delight and Kellie refuses to participate…(CONTINUED)

3 months ago – Kellie’s Party at Big Al’s Bar [VIDEO/PICS]

The cast shares what happened over the weekend at Kellie’s birthday party. Kellie dances on stage at Big Al’s bar! You don’t want to miss watching…(CONTINUED)

4 months ago – Kellie & Jenna’s Beauty Tips

Kellie and Jenna wanted to share with listeners a few beauty tips. Everyone suddenly started asking me what I…(MORE)

4 months ago – Prom

Do you need help making a prom proposal? Well, you’re in luck. The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show wants to help you! Just tell us why you need our help with your pr….(CONTINUED)

5 months ago – Viral Video: Kevin Bacon’s ’80s Awareness Campaign

This video of Kevin Bacon schooling the Millennials on the 1980s has gone viral. This ’80s Awareness Campaign is hysterical… especially if you were born befo….(CONTINUED)

5 months ago – Justin Bieber “DETRIMENTAL to (his) own career”… oops. Maybe he meant “instrumental?”

Justin Bieber was questioned about the incident where one of his body guards attacked Jeffrey Binion, a paparazzi. The interview lasted nearly 5 hours. So maybe….(CONTINUED)

5 months ago – Viral Video: Uncoordinated Children Eating Beans on Toast

This video of uncoordinated children eating BEANS ON TOAST has gone viral. They are really cute but need to work on their balance and control their excitement o….(CONTINUED)

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