2 days ago

Nick Jonas Interview [AUDIO]

Nick Jonas joins the show. From acting to performing his new single live, he has been… (CONTINUED)


7 days ago

Banned Words [AUDIO]

Jenna got hounded for saying “jorts,” “anyways” and “girl” yesterday. If you can ban the cast from saying any word… (CONTINUED)


1 week ago

Tsunami Pronunciation [AUDIO]

Matthew McConaughey sparked some debate on the show because of the way he pronounced “tsunami.” Check out our… (CONTINUED)


2 weeks ago

Kellie’s Dating Life [AUDIO]

Emma Kelly obviously doesn’t want to let her mommy date but Kellie’s going to do it anyway… (CONTINUED)


3 weeks ago

Unusual Ways You Found Out Your Partner Had Been Cheating [AUDIO]

The cast discusses a woman who hooked-up with a dwarf at her Bachelorette Party and had a dwarf baby… (CONTINUED)


4 weeks ago – What Lie Are You Living? [AUDIO]

The cast discusses a con artist, Alan Knight, who was caught in the most ridiculous lie ever. He faked a coma for TWO YEARS… (CONTINUED)


4 weeks ago

Gwen Stefani Interview [AUDIO]

Gwen Stefani joins the show. She talks about the “The Voice”, being a mother of three boys and her new single… (CONTINUED)


1 month ago – Big Al’s Post Op Interview [AUDIO]

Producer Nick stuck a recorder in front of Big Al when he awoke from surgery, and he didn’t disappoint… (CONTINUED)

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