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3 weeks ago

Guy Hides Marriage Proposal In 148 Photos With Girlfriend Over 5 Months

As a guy, you want your marriage proposal to be memorable. Of course people do flash mobs or come up with other creative ways but this might be the most creative one I’ve seen to date. This guy was sneaky and took a picture with a card that he wrote “Will You Marry Me?” on […]


1 month ago

Channing Tatum Lip Sync Battles To “Let It Go”

Ladies, here’s just one more reason that you’ll love Channing Tatum. “The Hateful Eight” star will be on Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle” for the season premiere and brought out all the bells and whistles for his “Let It Go” rendition. We already know that Channing has moves but he kills it dressed as Elsa […]


2 months ago

Marcus Lattimore: Former Pro, Current Hero

Just a couple months ago parts of South Carolina were ravished with floods. The flooding destroyed people’s homes and jumbled their lives, some still not recovering from it. Former University of South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore, who also played in the NFL for a couple of seasons, wanted to help the people. He’s a man […]


2 months ago

Here’s How To Delete Your Facebook Friends Who Like Donald Trump

I won’t be talking politics, because that’s how arguments start and I’m not here to argue. But if you don’t support Donald Trump and want to see your friends who do, go and do this easy search on Facebook to see how many of them like the Trump!


2 months ago

I’m Freaking Out About The New “Batman v Superman” Trailer

O.M.G. I can’t wait until this drops next summer. In this new trailer, we get to meet some more characters and get a more in-depth look at the plot for the movie that will set up “Justice League”. In the trailer Clark Kent meets Bruce Wayne and we also see the craziness of Lex Luthor, […]

Autism Speaks

2 months ago

This Cake Going Viral Has A Heartwarming Story On The Side

Poorly drawn or misspelled names are becoming a sort of reverse marketing scheme for businesses. If you go to Starbucks they do this so you take a picture and post it, which is free advertising for them. While other businesses are starting to do this, one Meijer store’s cake is going viral after a shocking […]

Autism Speaks

2 months ago

Mall Santa Goes Extra Mile For Boy With Autism

I’ll spare you with “I can’t believe it’s Christmas!” on this post. Mall Santa’s have been out in swarms over the past few weeks and if you haven’t taken your child, you probably will be soon. One mall Santa in Charlotte, NC is making headlines for going the extra mile to help kids with autism […]

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