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1 week ago

Meet Ariana Grande’s New “Boi”

Now this is just speculation but usually when you like someone you have no problem holding their hand or showing public affection. That’s exactly what happened backstage at the MTV VMA’s last night as Ariana Grande was spotted holding hands with rapper Big Sean (kind of dragging him to be honest) after she had already […]

MTV News

1 week ago

Nicki Minaj and Iggay Azalea on Good Terms?

There’s been rumors of beef and cattiness between Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea recently but last night at the MTV VMA’s that was put to rest. After Nicki’s opening performance she was backstage giving an interview and none other than Iggy Azalea herself walks by and gives her some words of encouragement on the wardrobe […]


1 week ago

Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage!

Not such a fancy move for one of the summer’s biggest artists! While performing for a pre-VMA show, Iggy Azalea didn’t quite remember how big the stage was and fell off! …(WATCH)


1 week ago

Miley Cyrus Show BANNED In The Dominican Republic

Miley Cyrus, who we all know has outrageous antics during her live shows, has been banned from performing in the Dominican Republic for her show September 13th. Tickets have been on sale for the show since July and the government has banned her due to parts of the show that “undertake acts that go against […]

TV Guide

2 weeks ago

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Living Apart!?

Rumors have been circulating for a few days that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, who have been married since 2008, were getting a divorce or at the very least separated. Cannon confirmed these reports of being apart, saying they’ve been living apart for “months now”… (MORE)


2 weeks ago

Probably The Best Makeup Artist Ever

I have a tough time just putting on chapstick sometimes and this woman created Disney and other cartoon characters with make up around her lips?! This is incredible. You have to see some of these… (MORE)


2 weeks ago

Aaron Paul Might Be The Nicest Celebrity Ever

How often is it that a celebrity showcases themselves being nice and not just for the camera? Aaron Paul recently took to Twitter to speak out about an incident that happened to a 16 year old Autistic kid named Aaron Hill. Hill was beaten up by kid at his school and it was filmed and […]


2 weeks ago

Paul Rudd as “Ant-Man”…Sort Of…

Paul Rudd’s new movie “Ant-Man”, a Marvel movie, has begun shooting and he looks a little roughed up in this picture. There’s no looks at the costume or anything else at this point due to it only being the second day of shooting, but there will be more video and pictures before long… (MORE)

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