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1 week ago

“The Simpsons” Spills: Smithers To Come Out And Marge To Go To Jail???

Rumors have been circulating for Season 27 of “The Simpsons” that Marge and Homer will be getting a divorce. While this has been shot down by the Executive Producers of the show, they did spill a little of what to expect this season. This Sunday you’ll be able to see Smithers come out to Mr. […]


1 week ago

What Professions Are Most Likely To Marry Each Other?

When I first saw this article I had to think back and try to remember if I had ever dated anybody in the fields I worked in. Pizza joints? Nope. Post office? Nope. Radio? Nope. My girlfriend has never worked in either of these fields either so I’m not valid for this list. It’s interesting […]


1 week ago

This iPhone Feature Could Cost You HUNDREDS Of Dollars On Your Next Bill

While Apple does a lot of amazing things, they’re also pretty sneaky at trying to do stuff to get you to spend more. With the new iOS9 update that was just released, there’s a new feature on your phone that allows your phone to switch to your data usage if it feels the wi-fi isn’t […]


1 week ago

Justin Bieber Says He “Has 3 or 4″ Unreleased Albums Worth Of Music

Justin Bieber is hitting the media circuit to get ready for his upcoming album and sat down with Complex for an interview to talk about the last year. During the interview he also revealed that he has “three to four albums worth of unreleased music”. He talked about being unrelatable and his antics in the […]


1 week ago

Netflix Wants Your Ideas!

Netflix is all about trying to make their product better for you and now they want your input! When you go to makeit.netflix.com you can submit your ideas on how to make the streaming service better. Check out the video of the “Netflix Button” and then go submit your ideas on how to make it […]


2 weeks ago

Hugh Jackman Thinks Tom Hardy Should Be The Next Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is something we all know and should have happened. And it did. For the past 15 years, Jackman has been my favorite X-Men character in the movies but after this next one, he’s putting the claws down. In an interview for his new “Pan” movie, Jackman was asked who he wanted […]


2 weeks ago

Demi Lovato Shares New Outlook, Album Details in BTS Skechers Clip

If you’ve been watching Demi Lovato recently, you’ve seen there’s a more confident outlook for the “Cool For The Summer” singer. She took last year off to work on herself, coming back with a new slender frame and a new look. She hooked up with Skechers to her own style of shoes, a company that […]

E! Online

2 weeks ago

Kanye Confrims He’s Running For President in 2020!

When I first saw that Kanye speech at the MTV VMA’s for his Vanguard Award, I was so hype. But after a day or two I thought, “eh, he was probably just blowing smoke. This won’t happen.” Turns out, I was wrong and Kanye has confirmed that he’ll be running for the White House in […]

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