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1 week ago

The Trailer For The Final “Hunger Games” Has Hit The Internet

It seems like it’s been forever that we’ve had to wait for any signs from this second part of “Mockingjay” but it’s here. The first full trailer for the last movie in the “Hunger Games” series. Katiniss isn’t playing around and it looks like revenge is on her mind for this one. Watch it below.


1 week ago

“Sharknado 3″ Tonight!

Man I have a BUSY night of live-tweeting now. I totally forgot “Sharknado 3″ was dropping tonight but someone reminded me and of course I had to rearrange my plans so I could live tweet it. So starting at 9pm I’ll live tweet this and then at 10pm I’ll be tweeting the new episode of […]


1 week ago

26 Of Your Childhood Disney Products That Are Now Worth Bank

I KNEW I should have kept all of my toys from when I was a kid! Ugh, stupid Joe never listening to your mom. I didn’t have any of these Disney toys but I wish I would now because they are worth QUITE a bit on EBay and Etsy right now… (MORE)


2 weeks ago

Sneak Peek of Catfish!

Man, this season of Catfish came out of nowhere! Well, technically it’s mid-season. But so far we had baby mama drama on the first episode and tonight we have a bully. Nev and Max help Falesha confront someone who was using her likeness and pictures to be mean to people that she knew. Woooooo I […]

Mail Online

3 weeks ago

Reason 4890 Why I Love The Internet

The internet is an amazing and also bizarre place. One minute you can be writing and the next minute you can be looking at cat memes. Luckily, my job doesn’t get mad when I look at cat memes because most of the time I’m going to post them. The internet has taken people watching to […]


4 weeks ago

My (And Ed Sheeran’s) Vacation

Last week was the first time I had done something in a couple of years: I took my first full week of vacation in two years! When I first moved to Augusta I only had a week of vacation to take so I had to spread that around for a year and that wasn’t too […]


1 month ago

Life Of Dillon & Beth Spangler – 6-18-2015 Tin Lizzy’s [PHOTOS]

Check out these pix from the HD98.3 98 Days of Summer first Pepsi Out Of The Blue Music Experience: Life of Dillon, with Beth Spangler, at Tin Lizzy’s on the 18th of June 2015.


1 month ago

Tori Kelly Releases “Should’ve Been Us” Video

Tori Kelly is gettin ready to release her debut album tomorrow and today she dropped the video for “Should’ve Been Us”. The video is set in remote locations, very rogue like, as we see her dancing around and even on stage at a recent concert performing the lyrics.

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