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35 mins ago

Lorde Nabs Lead Single for “Mockingjay Part 1″, Curating Soundtrack

This is a BIG deal for Lorde, who broke out onto the scene last year with her smash “Royals”. The 17 year old will be picking the artists for the soundtrack for “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″ as well as having the lead single from the soundtrack… (MORE)

Independent Journal Review

1 day ago

Try Watching This ATM Give Gifts Without Crying

Loyalty goes a long way. Never forget that. This bank decided to reward that customer loyalty by turning their ATM into an “Automatic Thanking Machine” and giving the loyal customers some sweet gifts….(MORE)


2 days ago

Why This Doctor Should Be The Only One To Give Babies Shots

I don’t remember my doctor ever being this nice and fun when giving me shots as a kid. Check out this video of a doctor tricking this baby into thinking that shots are fun to get… (MORE)


2 days ago

5 Second Movie Summaries and the PERFECT Selfie With James Franco

Jimmy Fallon and James Franco are an awesome combo and last night they proved it with their 5 second movie summaries. In the same vein as charades, they only have 5 seconds to give the plot of a movie for the other to guess. Oh, and Franco taught Fallon how to take the perfect selfie… […]


3 days ago

5SOS Work At Target…Kind Of…

5 Seconds of Summer’s debut album was released last week and to help boost sales a little bit, the boys went to Target. Not to buy the album, but to convince customers to buy it. Here’s the catch: they dressed up as Target workers… (WATCH)


3 days ago

Man Arrested in NYC for Stalking Rihanna

Celebrities lives are on display for everyone to see and when something like this happens then it’s scary. A man in NYC was arrested over the weekend for stalking and leaving crude notes at Rihanna’s apartment… (MORE)


3 days ago

1D’s Liam “Bares It All” On Instagram

One Direction’s Liam Payne loves his fans…especially his lady fans. He decided to “bare it all” in this picture on IG….and then updated it later with the REAL picture. You’ll get a good laugh from this… (MORE)

MTV News

6 days ago

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 Trailer Is Here!!!

Now we’re still a few months away from new episodes but thanks to Comic-Con in San Diego we’re getting our first official trailer for Season 5 of “The Walking Dead”! Check it out… (MORE)

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