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4 days ago

Speech Pattern’s Discovered In Americans

Being from the midwest, we talk a lot different than people in the south and people from others regions for that matter. This survey found that people in the Southeast and the Southwest talked a lot slower than people in other regions of the country, with South Carolina being in the Top 5.


6 days ago

Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian Selfie Together After Kanye Feud

Last week we witnessed a Twitter war between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. The war started over Wiz tweeting “KK” and Kanye thinking it was about Kim Kardashian, his wife, so he went IN. The one thing Wiz and Kanye have in common: they both dated Amber Rose, with Wiz marrying her. Long story short, […]

The Verge

6 days ago

Drake Brings Back The Awful Dance Moves For T-Mobile

Just when you thought the “Hotline Bling” dancing was over, T-Mobile has revived it from the dead. Drake and T-Mobile have teamed up for a commercial for Sunday and it involves changes to cell phone contracts. In the commercial, we see executives hassling Drizzy to make changes to his song to include specifics about billing.


2 weeks ago

Michael Jackson Told Oprah In 1993 He “Never Wanted To Be Played By A White Man”

News broke this week of a UK series based on the life of Michael Jackson that will begin filming soon. While this is all good, two things stood out to many fans: it would be a comedy and the actor playing Jackson would be a white man. Joseph Fiennes is the man who will be […]


2 weeks ago

The Joe Show Interviews The Craig Lewis Band

In my interview with The Craig Lewis Band from last season of “America’s Got Talent”, we talk about what the show has done for them, their favorite judges, thoughts on Simon Cowell joining the judge panel, and more!


2 weeks ago

The Dos and Don’ts of Texting Someone You Want to Date

I’m so glad I’m out of the dating game because it seems too complicated now days. “You have to text within a certain time” “you have to say this or that”. If you’re out there looking for love, I feel for you. Here are some life hacks when it comes to starting that text convo […]


3 weeks ago

The First Official Trailer For “Suicide Squad” Is Here!

As you know, I’m a bit of a comic nerd. When it was announced that “Suicide Squad” would be hitting theaters, I wasn’t that excited. After seeing the first trailer? This. Will. Be. LIT.

Autism Speaks

3 weeks ago

There Are More Ways To Speak Besides Verbal

One thing you should know about autism is that every person who has it speaks in a different manner. Some may be verbal but there are others that may not speak until later in life. Non-verbal kids are common in the Autism community and since they can’t speak in the same manner that you and […]

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