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5 months ago

Britney And Iggy: “Pretty Girls” Turned Mean Girls

After joining forces for “Pretty Girls,” Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea are now at each other’s throats – on social media at least.The pair have exchanged a string of bitchy tweets after Azalea blamed Spears for the pop song’s failure.During a Twitter Q&A Sunday night, a fan asked the Australian rapper why the single had […]


10 months ago

Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix in February 2015

Ugh, just when we were happy with Netflix they start taking more stuff away! Here’s the list of shows and movies that go bye-bye as of February… (MORE)


10 months ago

Maroon 5 Crashes Real Weddings For “Sugar” Video

If you’re looking to get married sometime soon then you may have missed the chance to have Maroon 5 crash your wedding! The band set out to crash real life weddings and perform at the reception for as many weddings as they could in December, giving us an authentic video for “Sugar”… (MORE)


11 months ago

Watch As Patrick Stewart Acts Out The WORST People To Fly With

Expedia did a poll recently asking people who fly about the most annoying passengers that are on a flight with them. Patrcik Stewart went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night to help act all of them out in skit fashion. You’ll be thanking him and laughing the next time you encounter one of these few […]


11 months ago

This List Of Celebrity Earnings for 2014 Will Make You Cry

Celebrities make MILLIONS of dollars a year for just being them and doing their craft. How much does that boil down to an hour or even per minute? What about per second? Beyonce, for example, earned $3.65 per SECOND in 2014. That’s half of what you make if you’re working minimum wage! …(MORE)


11 months ago

Fall Out Boy Perform ‘Centuries’ at 2015 People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards were last night and it was a BIG show for the 1st awards show of the year. Fall Out Boy performed their latest hit “Centuries” and Patrick Stump changed it up a little bit, doing lower vocals and making it a performance that won’t be forgotten… (WATCH)

MTV News

11 months ago

1994 Vs. 2014: See What Your Favorite Celebs Were Wearing 20 Years Ago

Take a look at the year’s hot fashion trends… (CONTINUED)


11 months ago

Amy Adams (Tries to) Seduce One Direction in ‘SNL’ Trailer

Amy Adams melted hearts in Enchanted. She caught the attention of Superman in Man of Steel. The lads from One Direction, though… (CONTINUED)

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