If You Shop At Costco, Here’s What You Need To Know

03/24/2017 at 5:41 | QCwriter // Staff Writer
Photo Credit: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It sounds like Costco’s best-kept secrets are out!

If you’re a Costco member, here’s what you need to know.

An article published in Delish dishes on all the little-known facts about shopping at the member-only store.

Let’s start with pricing. If an item ends with $.97 at Costco, it’s safe to assume it has been marked down. If there’s an asterisk next to the amount, don’t pass up the opportunity to purchase the item — as the asterisk indicates there are only a few of those items in stock.

Do you know what’s behind the Kirkland Signature name? Believe it or not, these items are actually made by some of your favorite brands. For example, the Kirkland Signature batteries are actually Duracell batteries — but are significantly cheaper at Costco.

And what about those samples. It can be fairly boring for a worker to stand around and give out samples during their shift. But, if you strike up a conversation with them, it’s likely they will give you as many samples as you wish!

Have you ever wondered what the return policy is like? At Costco, you can pretty much return anything you have purchased at the store — yes, even if it’s partially eaten. With that in mind, if a person habitually return items, Costco will take notice of it and may address this issue with the member.

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