7 Awesome Features In Google Maps You May Not Have Known About

02/14/2017 at 9:12 | Mary Brooke // Staff Writer
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hey Google Maps users! Here are some awesome tricks you may not have known about:

  1. Time travel- All you have to do is turn on Doc Brown and look at the location through street view, then scroll through the timeline.
  2. Order a Taxi- You can also request an Uber or Lyft driver. Google Maps can show you the cabs around you and how much they cost.
  3. Create your own Google Map- go to google.com/mymaps for your own custom map. Click “Create a new map” and customize it however you want.
  4. Google Maps Galleries- You can see other people’s customized maps.
  5. Indoor Maps- Google has mapped out the insides of buildings, like the Mall of America. Fun fact, you can even switch floors on desktop.
  6. Offline Mode- For areas you know you’re going to have trouble with internet service, you can map out the area/ your directions and then save them in the mobile app’s “offline areas.”
  7. Add multiple stops- Your trips no longer have to be from point A to point B. You can now add more than one stop for a trip.

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