Teen Girls Facebook Plot To Steal Babies

03/29/2016 at 7:07 | Posted by QCWriter // Staff Writer

A MUM has told how two teenage girls plotted to kidnap her baby – setting up a fake Facebook page offering free kids’ clothes to get her personal details.

Horrified Shantel Ullah revealed yesterday how one of the girls, posing as a social worker, attempted to kidnap her newborn son – claiming she needed to take him for a health check.

The young mum momentarily handed over two-week-old Dontae after the smartly dressed teenager turned up at her home but snatched him back when the girl began acting suspiciously.

Shantel, 20, said: “She was dressed very professionally in black trousers, high heels, and a black patterned blouse, and was carrying a designer handbag.

“She said I’d signed a form when I was pregnant to say she could take Dontae away for half an hour for a medical check.

“She looked very young, and seemed nervous. But when you have just had a baby you have all kinds of visitors. And she knew my full name, so it seemed genuine.

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