Thoughts You Have When You’re Stuck In A Group Chat

02/29/2016 at 9:38 | Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

Group text messages can be very beneficial. When you need to plan a night out and want to seamlessly coordinate plans with more than one person, a group chat is perfect. Group chats are also amazing when you need to share a funny tidbit and don’t feel like copying the same text message over and over. However, it often feels like group text messages become more trouble than they’re worth. If you’ve ever been trapped in a group conversation that you can’t escape, you know you’ve had these thoughts:

I don’t even know who half of these people are.

Why am I trapped in a never-ending text message conversation with friends of friends I don’t even know? Is it rude to stop the flow of conversation and ask for clarification on who’s who?

What’s the etiquette on exiting this type of dialogue?

The new iPhone has a feature where you can leave group chats, right? But will everyone know if I do that? Will they hate me? Do I care if they hate me? What if I just stop responding? That sends a message pretty clearly too, I would think.

I swear if my phone keeps buzzing my boss is going to fire me.

How do I politely tell these people to stop? Don’t they have jobs too? I swore that Megan’s friend Sarah is a doctor. Is she just texting us while she sees patients? That seems strange.

Don’t they know that it’s in poor taste to have a sidebar conversation with one individual while you’re still in the group chat?

Take it to an individual text message if you need to discuss something that doesn’t benefit the majority of the group. Come on now.

Oh! My phone buzzed! Maybe it’s an exciting or hilarious text!

Oh wait. It’s yet another message in this group text that just won’t end. Perfect.

I have something to contribute to the group. Now I’m sort of glad that we’re in a group chat!

Hello? Anyone? Of course NOW everyone decides to abandon the chat and go back to work.

If you’re going to enter into a group text message or Facebook chat, do so with caution. Know the upsides, but also be aware of the downfalls of group chat life. And don’t be afraid to hit “do not disturb” on the group message alerts when you need to.

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