12 iPhone Storage HACKS That Will Change Your Life

01/30/2016 at 8:19 | Cosmopolitan

1. Find out which apps are hogging the most space. Did you know you can see which apps are taking up the most space in just a couple of taps? Head to Settings > General > Usage, and then click Manage Storage. You’ll then see the greediest apps and can figure out if any need deleting.

2. Delete apps you don’t use. On a related note, if you’re one for downloading apps and games and getting bored after five minutes, make sure they’re not still clogging up your phone’s storage.

3. Be choosy with your music. Be real – how many songs do you actually listen to regularly? Delete the ones you don’t listen to by swiping right to left on any song, and consider downloading Spotify to listen to any music you want without hogging your phone’s memory.

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