Deadmau5 fires back at Arcade Fire’s ‘real instruments’ comments – Beatport News

Today, it’s Canadian dance-music god Deadmau5 in a grudge match against Canadian indie-rock gods Arcade Fire. You may recall recently, when, during Arcade Fire’s Coachella set, frontman Win Butler took a couple cheap shots at dance music’s rise to prominence by, one, bringing some pretty rough Daft Punk imitators onto the stage with him to play a slowed-down version of “Get Lucky,” and two, shouting out “all the bands still playing instruments at this festival.” Well, Deadmau5, being the confrontational guy that he is, has fired back at the band on-you guessed it-Twitter, saying, “arcade fire needs to settle down. some dudes devote their lives to instruments, others to electronic composition by cpu, dafuqs yer problem?” among many other things. Watch the videos in question below, and check out Deadmau5′s string of defensive tweets after that, and decide for yourself if this is going anywhere…..(CONTINUED)

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